Mosaic Virus Monstera: Signs, Treatment & Control

Mosaic Virus Monstera Image

If you’re a plant parent, chances are you’ve come across menacing images of what is known as the “Mosaic Virus Monstera.” Described as an aggressive and seemingly unstoppable killer, this malicious monster can wreak havoc on your plants if left unchecked. But don’t be too scared just yet. While it sounds like something out of … Read more

Half Moon Monstera

Half Moon Monstera Image

Do you love or adore the color pattern of the lovely Half moon monstera? I bet you do! I mean, you wouldn’t miss falling for the green-white structure of the half-moon variegated . leaves. So, if you’re a diehard fan of the rare half-moon variegations, this article suits you. But if you aren’t familiar with … Read more

Do Pothos Need Drainage?

Clay pots

Pothos plants are a popular choice for indoor greenery enthusiasts thanks to their striking appearance and low-maintenance care requirements. However, one critical factor that can make or break the health of a Pothos plant is proper drainage. Without it, excess water can accumulate in the pot, leading to root rot and other issues. But do … Read more

Fiddle Leaf Fig Sunburn – Causes & Fix

Fiddle Leaf Fig Sunburn  Picture

Fiddle leaf fig tree is known for its gorgeous large leaves. These tropical plants can sit in about any home. As a houseplant owner, you only need to provide it with bright indirect sunlight. Like humans, plants also suffer sunburns. Therefore, fiddle leaf figs will suffer sunburns when exposed to bright direct sunlight. The situation … Read more

Monstera Sunburn Signs & How to Fix It

Monstera Sunburn Signs Picture

Sunlight is an essential factor for any plant to grow. But did you know that sunlight can be a two-faced sword at times? Monstera plant is an easy-to-care-for plant and sits in any home. Yet, direct sunlight can burn your Monstera plants’ leaves, leaving you disappointed.  Note, other factors may lead to monstera sunburns. Poor … Read more

Is Pothos Sunburn From Too Much Sun

Is Pothos Sunburn From Too Much Sun Image

Pothos are the best low light indoor trees to improve your home decor. But one major concern is whether too much sun can cause pothos sunburn. If you’re wondering if your pothos is getting too much sunlight, here’s what you need to know; Cause of Pothos Sunburn There are several factors that cause sunburn in … Read more

Best Pot for Snake Plant Indoor

Best Pot for Snake Plant Image

Terra cotta is, without a doubt, the best pot for snake plant. It lets the snake plant root system breathe with ease. Also, they help keep excess water from building up, preventing root rot.  Snake plants generally become prone to root rot, something fatal to it. Thus, the pot size or material you pick matters … Read more

How to Measure Plant Pots Size (Step by Step)

How to Measure Plant Pots Picture Ilustration

Learning how to measure plant pot size will help you avoid any costly mistakes when buying planters for your garden or houseplants. But with all the different sizes, shapes and materials available, how do you get the right size and shape of pot for your plants to thrive? Well, to help you navigate this often … Read more

The Best Pot for Spider Plant (Review & Guide)

Best Pot for Spider Plant Image

From drainage and growth room to design and decor, finding the right pot for your houseplant can be a challenge. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we explain the key factors to consider when picking the Best pot for a spider plant. So, whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or … Read more