Best Self Watering Planter and Pots: Review and Guide

Best Self Watering Planter Image

Watering outdoor or indoor plants has never been straightforward. It’s true, especially for Gardeners with tight schedules and frequent travels. But is there a way that keeps your plants flourishing even when you’re busy or out of town?

Yes, a self watering pot or planter. These outdoor or indoor self watering planters help water your roots when you’re busy or away.

A self watering planter has drainage holes that clear out excess water from the soil. It also has a water reservoir that automatically waters your plant. In this guide, we’ve compiled the best self watering planters to help you pick one for your needs.

Best Self Watering Planter

  1. Lechuza Classico Color PlanterTop Pick
  2. Plow & Hearth Sussex Self Watering PotBest self watering outdoor planters for shrubs
  3. Lechuza Cubico Color Self Watering PlanterBest for Floors
  4. HB Self Watering Planter For HouseplantsBest for Drainage and Airflow
  5. AeroGarden Harvest EliteBest for all Lighting Conditions
  6. Glowpear Urban Garden Self Watering PlantersBest for Modular Design
  7. Eva Solo Orchid PotBest for Orchids
  8. Aquaphoric Self Watering Planter Herb Garden TubBest for Special Fiber Soil
  9. LeGrow Self Watering PlanterBest for Custom Designs
  10. Santino Self Watering PlanterBest Bargain
  11. Lechuza Puro Spherical Self Watering PlanterBest for water regulation in Roots
  12. B SEPOR Ceramic Self Watering SpikesBest Budget
  13. Self-Watering Hanging Planter BasketBest Hanging
  14. CedarCraft Self Watering Planter-Best For Outdoor
  15. Gardenix Décor Large self watering planterBest for Hydroponic Technology
  16. DELF 6 Pack Self Watering PlanterBest for Preventing Root Rot
  17. GardenBasix Elongated Self Watering PlanterBest for Tabletop

The Best Self Watering Planters Reviews

1. Top Pick: Lechuza Classico Color Planter

Lechuza 13230 Classico Color 43 Self-Watering Garden Indoor and Outdoor Use, White Matte Planter
  • CLASSICO Color is perfect for table and patio plants, indoors and out
  • Made in Germany of durable frost and UV resistant PP plastic for indoor or outdoor use
  • Self-Watering System features inorganic granulate compounds that provide the right amount of water to plant roots
  • Drainage plug to allows for the removal of excess rainwater when installed outdoors
  • A water-level indicator lets you know when it is time to refill the reservoir

Most, if not all, Gardeners love Lechuza compared to other self watering planters. These planters have stylish designs that enhance your living room’s appeal. Moreover, they’ve several styles, colors, and sizes for your modern decor.

Thus giving you different options. Lechuza’s water level is straightforward to check. And its water reservoir lasts between 3 and 4 weeks. The lengthy water retention lets you fly out or do other important stuff without worrying about your herbs.

Lechuza plant pots have an efficient drainage plug that’s removable. This feature allows you to take your plants outdoors when summer kicks in. The drainage plug also prevents soil waterlogging which enables you to drain excess rainwater from the plant pot.

I’ve used this Lechuza planter box for years and realized it’s UV light tolerant. Thus, your plants won’t discolor or fade when in the sun for extended periods. 

Its Uv resistant plastic material makes it our top pick.


  • This planter performs better when you use a Lechuza pon, a plant substrate.
  • Its visual indicator is perfect and lets you know when it needs refilling
  • This small self watering planter is straightforward to assemble.


  • Reading the water indicator can be challenging for less tech-savvy owners.
  • Dirt enters the planter since the water pipe doesn’t attach to the container.

2. Best self watering outdoor planters for shrubs: Plow & Hearth Sussex Self Watering Pot

Plow & Hearth Large Sussex Frost-Proof Four-Season No-Maintenance Copper-Finish Resin Patio, Porch and Deck Planter with Water Reservoir, 13¾" sq. x 27½"H
  • Four-season planters are sturdy, attractive and long-lasting
  • Indoor/outdoor use; all-weather frost-proof resin design
  • Rich look of copper without the expense or upkeep
  • Bottom water reservoir keeps root soil moist for well-established plants (does not benefit new plants with shallow root systems)
  • Medium & Small are not included

I’d vouch for this Sussex self watering planter since it’s both functional and stylish. It’s also available in small-medium-large sizes.

The large-sized Sussex self watering planter is enough for large indoor or outdoor plants. Besides, such sizes are rare at such price points. 

Sussex planter has a high-quality material. But the frost-free resins make it more expensive than other planters.

But this planter is worth it since the material holds water for extended periods. And enough water means the plant’s roots will be fresh

Also, this self watering planter guarantees you more plant years without worrying about:

  • Fading
  • Warping
  • Other damages

Fill the planter’s water reservoir near its bottom. Do that before you start potting your house plants. Once you’ve planted, go ahead and water your tropical plants. Any surplus water drains out via drainage holes or moves to the planter’s bottom.

The self watering plants use the excess water when in need using their roots. Sussex is both an outdoor and indoor planter. But I’d recommend utilizing it for outdoor use. I say so since it comes with several drainage holes.

The drainage holes in this self watering planter drain out excess rainwater. But that happens after the water reservoir has stored enough water.


  • It has drainage holes and a water reservoir
  • High-quality resin material
  • Many sizes


  • Extra expensive
  • Solely sold individually

3. Best for Floors: Lechuza Cubico Color Self Watering Planter

Lechuza 13150 Cubico Color 40-(30 inches Tall) Garden Indoor and Outdoor Use, White Matte Self Watering Planter, 30"
  • CUBICO Color offers a classic cubic shape that naturally fits into a variety of decor styles
  • Made in Germany of durable frost and UV resistant PP plastic for indoor or outdoor use
  • Self-Watering System features inorganic granulate compounds that provide the right amount of water to plant roots
  • Drainage plug to allows for the removal of excess rainwater when installed outdoors
  • A water-level indicator lets you know when it is time to refill the reservoir

Lechuza Cubicor self watering planters have several color and size options. Thus, you can pick one that’ll match your indoor spaces. 

The setup for these self watering planters is somewhat easy. You’ll need a few minutes to do that. Also, the self-watering planter has an internal liner into which one can pot the plants.

The feature eliminates the need for filling the planter using potting soil. Furthermore, with that feature:

  • The self watering planter’s watering system won’t have some problems.
  • You can lift out the inner liner without any problem.

These planters have a unique substrate that separates the media from the reservoir. This separation helps deliver water at a reasonable rate to your plant roots. Thus, you won’t waterlog or have dead plants all over your house.


  • Its efficient drainage system easily maintains your indoor plants.
  • The self watering planter has a water basin and a float that keeps its base water-free.
  • You’ll rarely need to refill its water reservoir.


  • These Lechuza self watering planters are modern and elegant but never function efficiently.
  • They’re complicated, and sometimes they water your plants the wrong way.
  • The product is exquisite and modern but not fully functional.
  • The substrate isn’t adequate and can’t cover the base floor.

4. Best for Drainage and Airflow: HB Self Watering Planter For Houseplants

8" Self Watering + Self Aerating High Drainage Deep Reservoir Round Plant Pot, Maintains Healthy Roots, for Indoor & Outdoor & Windowsill Gardens (White)
  • SELF-WATERING, 2-WEEKS+ DEEP RESERVOIR: No more troublesome wicks that clog and stop working. Our patented design integrates a self-watering feature into the body of the planter. Hollow legs reach down into the reservoir to allow the soil itself to draw moisture naturally while lifting your plant above the water, keeping its delicate root system from being constantly flooded, minimizing upkeep while eliminating common problems associated with other planters and with over-watering.
  • SELF-AERATING, HIGH DRAINAGE, MINIMIZE ROOT ROT: No need to keep poking holes in your soil. Integrated into the body of the planter are additional large open slats on the bottom that are designed to maintain air circulation through the soil, minimizing the risk of root rot commonly found in more enclosed self-watering planters.
  • WATER FROM THE BOTTOM + NO MORE OVERFLOW: Each planter comes with a clip-on watering attachment (packed inside the saucer) to make it easier for you to water your more delicate plants. Fill up the deep reservoir directly instead of pouring water through the soil and guessing when to stop. Leave it on for ease of use, or clip it on when necessary to maintain a sleek modern look.
  • MINDS YOUR FLOOR AND CARPET: The bottom saucer is designed with risers that lift it away from your floor and to prevent circular water stains typical of other flat-bottomed planters.
  • SMOOTH GLOSS FINISH: UV stabilized polypropylene plastic (#5 PP) will not become brittle under the sun. The pigment is part of the plastic material, not painted on. Colors will not fade, will not peel, will not become streaked or patchy when left under the sun. 100% BPA-free.

HB self watering planters have hollow legs touching the water reservoir. Such a structure directly draws moisture into your soil. The structures do so without wicks that can block or become less efficient over time. 

The design also boosts airflow around its potting medium. It does that since it has large slats within the base. These slats improve airflow and drainage. They do so while delivering water to your potting medium whenever it dries.

The HB pots have clip-on attachments that fill the planter’s reservoir without strain. But nothing compromises the self watering planter’s design during regular use. Also, I love these planters since they’ve slightly elevated feet on their bottoms.

The feet raise off the planter from the surface to prevent watermarks. HB’s design makes it a perfect planter for use outdoors during summer.


  • The self-watering planter has a less bright white color.
  • It has excellent drainage, and it’s lightweight too.
  • You can bottom-water your house plants using this planter.


  • You can’t see or measure the water level within the saucer.
  • It’s challenging to move the water into the planter’s narrow gaps.
  • The planter’s watering spouts clip but never do so for long.

5. Best for all Lighting Conditions: AeroGarden Harvest Elite

AeroGarden Harvest Elite with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit - Hydroponic Indoor Garden, Stainless Steel
  • INCLUDES GOURMET HERB SEED KIT (6 POD) Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil and Mint & nurtured by all natural, chemical free Miracle Gro Plant Food (enough for a full season of growth)
  • PLANT TO PLATE Up to 6 plants grow at a time, up to 12 inches tall with this indoor garden; Grows in water no soil, no mess, made simple
  • EASY TO USE: Digital display control panel includes vacation mode to keep your hydroponics growing system thriving when you're out of town and advanced garden settings for optimized growth
  • LED GROW LIGHTS: High performance, full spectrum 20 watt LED high efficiency grow lighting system in your herb garden is tuned to the specific needs of plants to maximize photosynthesis, resulting in rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests
  • IN HOME GARDEN SYSTEM :Grow fresh herbs & veggies all year round in this indoor herb garden; Always fresh, always local, always in season

AeroGarden combines hydroponics and a self watering mechanism to maintain healthy plant growth. I’d recommend using this self-watering planter to grow your favorite herbs. The AeroGarden has been my favorite self-watering planter for several years.

Its previous versions weren’t stylish compared to the modern models. But the recent AeroGarden models have LED grow lights. These lights make them perfect for any room within your house. Fortunately, you won’t compromise your plants’ growth.

If you grow herbs or other plants through hydroponics, they’ll grow larger and faster. Thus, the AeroGarden is a perfect option for homeowners who love cooking more herbs.

This self-watering planter allows homeowners to grow their herbs throughout the year. It does that even when lighting conditions aren’t top-notch. Fortunately, there are similar self-watering planters on the market.


  • This self-watering planter has raised beds and soil-based containers.
  • Your plant herbs flourish well even under extremely bright growth lights.
  • Your plant herbs also grow faster and taste fresh too.


  • This self-watering planter lacks the battery backup feature.
  • The self-watering planter’s display stops working after some months. Then again, about half of its lights won’t work.

6. Best for Modular Design: Glowpear Urban Garden Self Watering Planters

Glowpear Self-Watering Urban Garden Planter - 29.5" in Raised Pot, UV Stable, Scalable, Indoor | Outdoor, Water Gauge for Home Deck Kitchen Gardening
  • Plants take what water they need when they need it due to the integrated self-watering system. Just top up the reservoir and your plants self-water. It’s so simple!
  • See what water is needed at a glance with the water level indicator.
  • No spills even when used indoors. The clip-on drip tray takes all the worry out of indoor use.
  • No bending required with ideal growing conditions: Pick, prune and water your garden easily due to the raised design with generous 11” soil depth and 16 gal volume to optimize growing; flowers i.e. violas, pansies and daffodils; fruit i.e. tomatoes; vegetables i.e. beans, lettuce and radish; and herbs i.e. basil, thyme and coriander.
  • Sturdy, safe and scalable. The Urban Garden is made of injection-moulded HDPE, UV and corrosion resistant, BPA-free, and food-safe. Glowpear units can be ‘plugged in’ to each other, for easy, integrated watering and increased growing space.

Glowpear is an excellent option for Gardeners who want to grow different herbs at once. This beautiful white plant pot is available in three unique variants:

  • The standard variant (29.5 inches)
  • The mini cousin (23.5 inches)
  • The wall planter

“I’ve always vouched for the wall planter variant since it fits well within small room areas,” says Rhys, founder of Mower on the Lawn. The said Glowpear variant also allows homeowners to grow plants on small balconies. Glowpear manufacturers designed this planter to suit edible plant growth.

But remember, you can use this planter to grow other greenery types that need more water. It’s easy to know when your herbs need more water with the help of its display indicator. But, the inbuilt tray prevents stains from forming on your floor.

The planter has an intelligent modular design that allows you to link it to an extra planter. This linkage enables the two planters to share the water reservoirs. It also allows one to begin or start with a single planter but transition to two later.

The feature is also crucial, especially when planning to upscale your planting ambitions.


  • Straightforward drainage ports
  • Straightforward water ports
  • Plastic stands to prevent its porcelain from scratch


  • Connecting the self-watering planter’s tubes is overwhelmingly difficult.
  • Some of the plastic drip pans fall off even when you handle them gently.

7. Best for Orchids: Eva Solo Orchid Pot

Eva Solo Orchid Pot, 17cm High, White
  • Grow orchids in the self watering pot with a nylon wick in the base that draws water up to the plant
  • Plants stay fresh and green by drawing water from nylon wick in base filled with water
  • Made of glazed faience: tin-glazed pottery on a delicate earthenware body
  • 17 cm DIA by 15.2 cm H (6.7 inch DIA by 6 inches H)
  • Danish designed around aesthetics, functionality, and quality; made in denmark

Most Gardeners are orchid fans, I included! Well, this self-watering planter’s manufacturer designed it to water your orchids constantly. But, this planter’s idea is to directly put the orchids into the pot.

This pot’s water reservoir extends to the growth medium through nylon wicks.

The most significant feature of this orchid pot is its superb styling. The styling makes it look beautiful when you put it on display within your home. Unfortunately, this self-watering pot isn’t 100% perfect for orchids.

But they’ll still water your herbs well enough, preventing them from drying. The pots also reduce the after-effects of plant negligence or overwatering. Thus, they prevent your orchids from going bad.

Furthermore, the pot prevents the exposure of roots to light. Otherwise, it’d be challenging to avoid root rot.


  • Perfect for the maintenance of proper moisture balance within the growth medium.
  • Prevents the over-watering of orchids
  • It makes Orchid care easier.
  • The pot is beautiful with or without plants


  • This pot’s container is too tiny
  • The pot turns unstable when you put in your orchid

8. Best for Special Fiber Soil: Aquaphoric Self Watering Planter Herb Garden Tub

Window Garden Aquaphoric Herb Garden Tub - Self Watering Planter Box with 6 Quarts Fiber Soil - White Rectangular Window Sill Planters - Growing Indoor Kitchen Herbs and House Plants
  • ☀️ BEST WAY TO START – Find yourself growing an indoor garden in no time with this easy-to-use, no mess pot..
  • 🌱 REUSABLE AND STURDY – Made out of quality material for long term use. Reuse for many seasons!
  • 🌱 EASY TO TRANSPLANT – Self watering pot with 6 fiber soil pods to help grow stronger roots. (Seeds not included)
  • 🌱 WATCH YOUR PLANTS GROW – Just the right size for your windowsill - for easy monitoring!
  • 🌱 GIFT IT or KEEP IT?? – Unique style, beautifully packaged and multi-functional. This is an outstanding gift for Mothers Day, Christmas, Birthdays, housewarming, etc. ***Caution*** - Once you see it, you might want it for yourself. 🙂

This product made it to our list because it combines the following:

  • Hydroponics
  • A self-watering mechanism

The planter also comes with unique fiber soil. The soil provides an efficient growing environment.

Apart from that, this planter offers your plant’s roots enough ventilation to blossom.

Its size perfectly makes it a suitable self-watering planter for windowsills. Moreover, the size allows you to plant around three plants. Also, the planter’s design is for growing herbs as they make planting them easy.

This product minimizes the risk of herbs going bad when a homeowner neglects them for some time.

With it, you can trim your plants periodically for some culinary projects. It also gives homeowners the luxury of getting fresh herbs. Since they’re fresher and cheaper than those, they could get them from the grocery stores

That’s because herbs grown in self watering pots last longer while remaining fresh.


  • It’s best for transplanting your favorite herbs from your greenhouses during winter.
  • Its notification feature helps notify you when the self watering pot needs refilling.
  • It perfectly fits on kitchen window sills.
  • It provides enough room for growing many herb bunches.


  • Molds grow on the soil sometimes when you refill the self watering pot with water.
  • The water gauge in these self watering pots is sometimes problematic. They may read accurately for days, but they do the opposite later.

9. Best for Custom Designs: LeGrow Self Watering Planter

LeGrow Smart Garden Indoor Planter Starter Kit - 3 Patented Design Plant Pots,1 Water Holding Base Tray - (Plants Not Included)
  • INNOVATIVE & EFFORTLESS GARDENING – Forget lugging in clunky flower pots from the backyard to grow plants inside, only to end up cleaning the leaky messes they leave behind. Instead, you can easily maintain a lush indoor garden with LeGrow’s smart, stylish, patented pots for indoor plants.
  • A DOSE OF GREEN DECOR – Enjoying the presence of plants not only lifts your spirits, but it also beautifies your entire indoor environment. From adding modern boho decor to your bedroom or styling your home or office from top to bottom, rely on LeGrow planting systems.
  • INCLUDED IN THE LEGROW STARTER KIT - 3 Patented Design Stackable Plant Pots, 2 Water Holding Base Tray (Plants Not Included)
  • STACKABLE SMART GARDEN SYSTEM – Want LeGrow decor to make even more of a statement? Add the indoor garden tower or the LeGrow Shine! Don’t worry—more modules doesn’t mean more maintenance. A warming light, hydrating humidifier, and even a device-charging hub are all built in.
  • DESIGN YOUR OWN INDOOR GARDEN – Try combining LeGrow’s indoor plant pots to curate the greens of your dreams, from herbs to succulents, bonsai, begonias, and more. Add and arrange lightweight, stackable, and portable modules so your LeGrow garden always suits your space!

This LeGrow self-watering planter has a particular modular system. The system allows Gardeners to plant and grow several plant varieties. It also allows them to bring out their artistic selves depending on their:

  • Personal preferences
  • Plans
  • Styles

The said system has several valuable modules:

  • Bluetooth speakers that create a calm-relaxing environment for your indoor Garden.
  • A moss planter.
  • LED Grow lamp.
  • A 360° humidifier.

I love these specific indoor self watering planters because their appearance looks fantastic. They’re somewhat tiny, but they’ve modular designs open for customization. Fortunately, the custom designs will always come out looking fine.

I can even liken its customization ability to LEGO. In short, it’s the LEGO king of plant pots. Each LeGrow pot has a reservoir, which maintains suitable water levels for your herbs. Also, this self-watering plant pot module has several integrations:

  • USB power
  • Humidifiers
  • Grow lights

The USB integration allows you to power your phones while using the plant pot to grow your herbs. I’d recommend using these plant pots to plant the following plant species:

  • Dwarf indoor plants
  • Cacti
  • Succulents

I say so because such plant types are small and they fit in well in these indoor self watering planters.


  • Suitable for growing small veggies on your countertop.
  • Herbs don’t die within days after planting or transplanting.
  • Its plant propagation makes life easier for Gardeners.


  • Herbs won’t grow well if sunlight is absent.
  • They’re too small for some plant species.

10. Best Bargain: Santino Self Watering Planter

Santino ASTI 9.2 Inch Self Watering Planter Menthol/White for Indoor Plants - Premium Quality Modern Plastic Pot w/ Water Level Indicator for All House Herbs, Plants, African Violets and Dahlias
  • 🪴 Great Substitute for Ceramic Pots - Self watering pots match the exact parameters of modern design. Our self watering planter is made with premium quality UV stable plastic featuring an elegant and durable design. The simple and attractive colors of our African violet pots go well with any interior/exterior and serve as a great piece of decoration for balconies and roof gardens
  • 💧 Save Water and Grow Happier Plants - The arrangement of an external pot with a water reservoir provides roots with the exact amount of water they need. Self-watering pot contains a water level window that lets you control the water supply and save water by reducing evaporation. This saves time by reducing the frequency of watering and ensures you see healthy plants every time.
  • ♻️ Optimal Air Circulation - The plant watering reservoir features a drainage hole in the inner pot which allows air to circulate through the soil resulting in better root health while balancing moisture levels in the soil. By providing a consistent level of moisture directly to the roots of plants, these modern plastic pots for plants can increase plant's health and yield.
  • 👩‍🌾 For Professionals and Hobby Growers - Self watering planters and pots are a fantastic solution for most indoor plants, especially tropical plants and herbs. PLANTER SIZE: Capacity 1.6 Gal; Height 7.1 inch; Diameter 9.2 inch; Bottom Diameter 6.3 inch; Water Reservoir 22 OZ is suitable for growing various types of flowers in different sizes such as African violets and dahlias etc. Take your gardening game to the next level!
  • 💪 Must-Have for Busy People - Self watering pots for indoor plants eliminate timely check-up needs. Indoor planter pots with drainage keep plants properly hydrated, keeping them from the waterlog of over-watering and the drying out of under-watering. In addition, these large self watering pots reduce the level of maintenance you need to provide to your plants

This product is for Gardeners who want planters that’ll keep their herbs moist even when busy. Made of lacquer plastic, it’s the best planter to upgrade your Garden’s aesthetics. It also has a transparent window that helps you know when to refill or not.

This self-watering planter has internal and external pots. The internal pot allows proper oxygen circulation and moistens your plants’ roots. All of that act as catalysts for faster growth. Elsewhere, the external pot has a reservoir that adds moisture to your herbs.

Honestly, this self-watering planter is the best bargain option on our list. It has a durable, UV-stabilized plastic that comes in different color ranges. Thus, these plant pots should serve your Garden needs for several years.

The pots come in several sizes that let you pick one that matches your plant’s size.


  • They come in unique and beautiful designs that improve the outdoor decor.
  • Available for sale in different colors.
  • Their reservoirs have storage capabilities of 16 oz.


  • Their bottoms are pretty flimsy and thin.

11. Best for water regulation in Roots: Lechuza Puro Spherical Self Watering Planter

Lechuza 13360 Puro 20 Texture Self-Watering Garden Planter for Indoor and Outdoor Use, White
  • The PURO 20 indoor planter accents your decor with its' bold spherical shape
  • Perfect for any table top display of foliage, or blooming plants
  • LECHUZA's signature water reservoir supplies water to your plants as needed, extending the time between watering
  • The planter's water-level indicator shows when the reservoir needs to be refilled
  • Features inorganic granulate compounds that provide the right amount of water to plant roots

This planter has a watering system that the company has been developing for decades. It has unique features that make plant care and potting look straightforward. That’s unlike other planters.

Their water reservoirs sit at the base of their pots. You can easily pot your favorite plant into the inner insert on the said reservoir.

Lechuza provides uniquely designed substrates that boost water drainage. The substrates also regulate the water quantity that moves to the plant roots. The Lechuza company has a wide range of pots.

So, there are pots for your size, style, or color needs. Without blinking, I’d recommend these pots any day since I’ve utilized them for years.


  • These self-watering pots are perfect for Gardeners who’re looking for low-maintenance options.
  • Their textures are fantastic and more appealing than other high-gloss Lechuza pots.
  • They’re a perfect self-watering pot option for small plants.
  • Their reservoirs hold enough water – allowing you to travel without worrying for a week.


  • The soil capacity of these pots is low due to their tiny containers.
  • The self-watering pots don’t give you direct access to their tanks.

12. Best Budget: B SEPOR Ceramic Self Watering Spikes

B SEPOR Ceramic Plant Waterer Set of 6 Pack Terracotta Self Watering Spikes,Wine Bottle Plant Watering Devices for Vacation (6Pack)
  • [STURDINESS] Improved new material different from normal terracotta, strong but still release water enough for soil.
  • [EASY TO USE] Just recycle any long neck bottles, such as wine bottle, glass beer bottle, soft drink bottle etc., not need any more fittings required. Place this device into soil then stick with bottle full of water, that's all.
  • [HEALTHY ROOTS] With these watering spikes, water slowly sipped to make plants grow greener, healthier, especially for areas there's air almost no humidity.
  • [PLANTS SISTER] Free your hands to water everyday and excellent work while you are away or on vacation for a few days, it helps to take care of your plants without casualties.
  • [OUTDOOR & INDOOR] Applicable to both outdoor and indoor plants, if only your planter can hold it and will not lean down after placing a bottle full of water.

B SEPOR planters are a great option to keep your herbs hydrated and healthy while on vacation.

Their watering spikes hold 1.5-liter water bottles each. That eases the recycling of used bottles within your home. Also, the device releases moisture slowly but steadily for a week or ten days. With that, you won’t worry about your favorite herbs while on vacation.

If you’re after the best budget self-watering planters, buy these water spikes from B SEPOR. Buy them in bulk, which will help you utilize the economies of scale. The good thing is, you’ll only need recycled wine bottles or other glass bottles.

Fill the wine bottles with water, then add them to the spikes to create a slow-release water system. Most Gardeners love using these water systems while busy or away from their Gardens. Also, they’re suitable for daily use.

They’re a fantastic way to turn our pots into sustainable options. But they aren’t fully self-watering planters.


  • They’re suitable for regions with low humidity levels.
  • These water systems are versatile.
  • You can use them with hanging and potted plants.
  • You can also use them with long-neck bottles you’ve recycled.


  • These self-watering planters may damage your herb roots in case of incorrect installation.

13. Best Hanging: Self-Watering Hanging Planter Basket

10” Self-Watering Hanging Planter Basket System with Water Reservoir, Fill Indicator and Chain Hook – Heavy-Duty Rattan Style Brown Resin for Home, Garden, Porch, Balcony or Indoor Tabletop
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: GrayBunny hanging planters are tough, sturdy and 100% weather-resistant. The intricate, woven pattern resembles real rattan yet the resin material doesn't peel, unweave, fade or rust. Measuring 10" (25.4cm) in diameter & 11" (28cm) in height, these stylish baskets are perfect for displaying an array of various plants.
  • SELF-WATERING: Each basket comes with a water reservoir and water measuring system that lets you easily see how much water is being added. The perforated inner bowl permits excess water to get through while the outer bowl has a sealable drainage plug to hold the water. An overflow mechanism can be used to keep a very particular water level. A three point wicking system allows a small amount of soil lower into the water reservoir.
  • LOWER MAINTENANCE: Traditional hanging planters require constant watering to prevent plants from drying out. But a water reservoir keeps plants that need constant moisture or consistent watering - such as many vegetables - in a healthy state with less effort. For plants that do not grow well in constantly moist conditions such as succulents & cacti, a removable drainage hole in the bottom outer basket will let out extra water.
  • MODERN DESIGN: Offering a perfect combination of classic fashion and modern manufacturing techniques, GrayBunny garden flower baskets add a lovely accent to your home and garden. Easy to hang around the home, office, garden, porch, balcony or windowsill. Chains are optional, so pots can be placed on tabletops.
  • 1-year warranty – We are so confident you’ll love the products that we give a 1-year warranty on the purchase. If, for some reason you are not happy with your order, reach out to us and we will gladly assist you.

These Gray Bunny self watering hanging baskets have two critical hanging baskets features:

  • Self-watering
  • Drainage

Unfortunately, filling these self-watering planters is tricky. Thus, it’s better to water them less frequently. Also, you must let them drain water adequately to make your roots rot-resistant. This self-watering planter features interior baskets with the following:

  • Triple drainage holes.
  • It has three wicking points for transporting moisture back to the soil.
  • Water meters to ensure there’s a perfect balance.

The interior baskets where your herbs grow are somehow shallow. So, I’d not recommend growing herbs with broader root structures in these baskets. Their exterior shells are resin of beautiful wicker styles with optional secondary drains.

The drains are helpful when a heavy downpour occurs or when you want to drain excess water. Without this feature, there’ll be waterlogging in your favorite outdoor herbs or plants.

Their outer shells act as reservoirs and can keep four cups of moisture. The four cups last for a few weeks, depending on a Gardener’s plant use. Moreover, these self watering hanging baskets are mainly for outdoor use.

But one can remove their chains and take them inside their house for tabletop pieces. Always ensure you’ve closed the secondary drains before bringing them indoors.


  • Self-watering and drain systems
  • Water indicator and meter
  • Decorative shells
  • Outdoor and indoor use


  • Shallow inner baskets
  • Are tricky or challenging to reach

14. Best For Outdoor: CedarCraft Self Watering Planter

CedarCraft Convenient Self-Watering Elevated Cedar Planter 23" L x 49" W x 30" H, Flexible Container Gardening for Healthy Plants, No Tools Required
  • Combines the flexibility of container gardening with the convenience of a self-watering irrigation system; Includes irrigation system with fill tube and water level indicator
  • Saves time and water with a 6-gallon self-watering irrigation system; Consistent water delivery yields healthier, more productive plants
  • Perfect for patios, balconies or backyard gardening; Easy working height minimizes back and knee strain while protecting your plants from uninvited guests
  • Built from Canadian Western Red Cedar; Untreated wood is sustainably sourced, beautifully crafted, exceptional quality, and build to last; Quick and easy to assemble with no tools required
  • Soil capacity: 4.0 cubic feet; Planting area (L x W x D): 20 x 46 x 7.8 inches; Assembled outer dimensions (L x W x H): 23 x 49 x 30 inches

These planters ease the outdoor watering of plants. And are made of weather-resistant cedar materials. I say so since you won’t reach up, kneel, or bend over to take down these hanging planters.

You can also use these planters for most seedlings and mature plants. They need some assembling. But their tongue-groove constructions cut the need and use of tools. Most Gardeners won’t lack any necessity to put together these planter boxes.

Their fantastic 6-gallon reservoirs sit along the planter boxes’ bottoms. Such water capacities can take your herbs for a few days. Unfortunately, that’ll depend on the plant numbers or their growth stages.

Moreover, these planters include reservoir fill spouts. Apart from that, they’ve water level indicators at the end. I recommend using these watering planters to grow large outdoor herbs.

They’re challenging to move after you’re done assembling and filling them. So, it would be helpful to fill and assemble them closer to where they’ll sit.


  • They consist of weather-resistant cedar materials
  • Come with large reservoirs
  • Have water level indicators
  • Elevated planters


  • They need some assembling
  • Are heavy and challenging to move

15. Best for Hydroponic Technology: Gardenix Décor Large self watering planter

Gardenix Decor 5" Self Watering pots for Indoor Plants - Flower Pot with Water Level Indicator for Plants, Grow Tracking Tool - Self Watering Planter Plant Pot – 2 Pack White
  • Don´t settle for self watering pots made of flimsy, leaky dollar-store materials. Gardenix Decor’s Self Watering Pots are crafted out of high-quality polypropylene, which is virtually unbreakable, so you never have to worry about it leaking on your house decor and floors or indoor garden. Available in white, gray, purple, or teal, our pot’s colors are injected directly into the material, for long-lasting , vibrant colors that are more face-resistant in direct sunlight.
  • Other self watering flower pots don´t offer any outlets for drainage, which quickly leads to root rot. Our nested pot set features an inner plant holder with legs to lift your house plants up and out of the water, so they aren’t left sitting in a stagnant pool. With our flower pots or succulent pots, plants drink their water up through the pot’s legs only when they need it – No overwatering! Make great gifts for women/men, gifts for mom or grandma gifts.
  • Ideal for busy plant parents! With our planter pots self-watering feature, you don’t have to water plants for over 10 days ! Our smart pots for plants also include a water level indicator to take the guesswork out of watering, so you know exactly when to add water. And – just for fun – we’ve also added a special dial on top of each measuring valve, so you can measure the growth of your plant and track its progress! Turn that black thumb into green thumb! Comes with clear instructions.
  • Hydroponic design with all-natural coco soil as potting mix. Made of 100% organic, coconut shell fibers, coco soil – also called coco coir or peat pellet– offers superior water retention and excellent drainage, meaning your house plant gets the ideal balance of oxygen and water. Combine with regular soil for excellent pH regulation for your plants! Our plastic pots for plants each come with their own pellet of coco coir to help your plants grow faster and healthier. No more root rot.
  • At Gardenix Decor, We are here to help you keep your plants happy and thriving – even with a busy schedule. We’re plant people who know the joy and beauty plants bring to a home. We’ve designed our planters to function efficiently and self-sufficiently, to take care of your plant even when you can´t. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your self watering pots for indoor plants and outdoor plants, simply reach out to us directly so we can make it right.

These planters have double-point designs that prevent overwatering of plants. This design isn’t in other self-watering plants. Further, the designs lift the herbs out of the water to safeguard them from excess moisture.

The planters use hydroponic tech to regulate water levels. They do so while offering the nutrients your plants need.

They come with natural coco soil pellets, making them eco-friendly. Also, I’d recommend these planters to busy plant parents. I’d so since they only need refilling after two weeks.


  • They come with 100 percent organic soil that’s mixable with ordinary soil. This feature helps regulate the soil pH.
  • These watering systems have indicators that showcase water levels within the reservoirs. That notifies you when the planter needs need refilling.
  • They’ve valves that help track the growth of your favorite plants.
  • Their inner plant holders have legs that lift herbs out of the water. Thus, preventing the planter from overwatering the plants.
  • Their potting soil discs go through expansion to allow refilling.
  • Refilling from the top is straightforward; you water your plants from the base.


  • These self-watering pots aren’t available in different colors and sizes.
  • Their water level indicators get stuck once in a while.
  • Molds are likely to form over the planting soil.

16. Best for Preventing Root Rot: DELF 6 Pack Self Watering Planter

DELF 6 Pack 6.7" Self-Watering Planters Flower Pots for Indoor Garden Devil's Ivy, African Violet, Ocean Spider Plant, Orchid, White Color
  • Self-watering: These self watering planters store water and feed your plant for days, and you don’t have to water your plant frequently. The wick pots help you take care of your plants when you leave home or office for days.
  • Many Drainage Holes: Plant roots can get fresh air to breath through drainage holes. This self-watering planter has holes on the side and at the bottom. These holes can prevent root rot.
  • Clear Flower Pot: It allows us to see through the root of your plant via transparent material. You know if the plant root is healthy or not. If the soil is dry or wet, and you need to add more water.
  • Easy to Hang: Many people use these pretty flowers pots for their indoor golden devil's ivy, African violets, ocean spider plants, succulents, herbs and orchids. They are easy to hang with ropes.
  • Great Decoration: The beautiful shape and design of these planters make them suitable for home or office decoration. You can place the draining flower pots wherever you want to bring natural green to your home or office.

Are you among plant parents who need to look after many herbs despite being busy? If so, these 6-pack planters are ideal for a plant parent like you. I say that since they store enough moisture for extended periods. 

Enough water means your herbs will be healthy and happy for a week.

They also have drains that protect your herb roots from rotting by easing breathing. Moreover, they’ve beautiful shapes, making them suitable for home decor.

Nonetheless, they’re of high-quality and BPA-free plastic materials with polished finishes. Thus it makes them eco-friendly for your favorite herbs. Since they’re lightweight, you can hang these planters to make your spaces brighter.


  • They feature double-layered designs that keep away insects.
  • Their polished finishes make them eye-catching. Hence perfect for indoor decor.
  • They’re easy to hang and lightweight.
  • I love their clear inner pots since they allow me to examine my roots’ growth.
  • They have enough water capacity within the pot’s bottom.
  • These self-watering pots are suitable for all semi-hydroponics.
  • They’re perfect for herbs you plan to put into pon and Leca.


  • They only suit smaller herbs.
  • You’re likely to experience some algae growth.
  • These self-watering pots become dirty faster. You can clean them, but they’ll lose their shine.

17. Best for Tabletop: GardenBasix Elongated Self Watering Planter

GardenBasix Elongated Self Watering Planter Pots Window Box 5.5 x 16 inch with Coconut Coir Soil Indoor Home Garden Modern Decorative Planter Pot for All House Plants Flowers Herbs 1, White 5.5" x16”
  • ★ MULTI-PURPOSE: Drain holes at the bottom. Suitable for indoor or outdoor, balcony, window sill, table top, shelf, etc.
  • ★ SELF WATERING. You don't have to water the plants every day, it can store enough water for a week or more, and it's easier to grow.
  • ★ INCLUDING 4 COCONUT COIR SOIL. Each coconut coir disk becomes a 1 quart of fluffy plant fiber after using 0.5 quart of water. There is very little nutrients in the coir soil, so it is best to add some fertilizer After adding water to expand it, so that it can be used for a long time, just add some fertilizer at the right time. Due to policy reasons, the packaging of products sold in Australia/Japan does not contain Coco Coir Soil.
  • ★ STYLISH AND SIMPLE APPEARANCE. It can be used in a variety of environments, whether it is for home, apartment, office, desktop, outdoor or indoor, it will complement your home environment. Rectangular flower pots with a length of 40 cm (15 1/2''), a width and a height of 14 cm (5 1/2''), can grow multiple plants, and are suitable to be placed on the balcony or office desk or bookshelf.
  • ★ EASY TO OBSERVE. The water level indicator allows you to observe the water level at any time. Once the water level is below or close to the minimum water level, you can consider pouring water into the pot. There is a special water injection port for easy water injection.

GardenBasix is your best if you’re looking for planters for tabletops. These elongated pots come with water-level indicators that help you observe water levels.

And without this excellent feature, you won’t know when the planter needs refilling. They also feature inlets for easy water injection into the outer basins.

The pots are made of high-quality plastics with lacquer finishes. The material comes from 1/2 quart of water and plant fiber. Thus, you’ll get value for your investment.

But the soil from coco coir has few nutrients, meaning you’ll need extra fertilizer. Doing so ensures your herbs get the required nutrients.


  • They feature drainage holes that prevent your herbs’ roots from rotting.
  • Their elongated designs are perfect for shelves, window sills, balconies, and tabletops.
  • They come with water indicators that track the planter’s water levels.


  • Their inner sections boost fungus breeding.
  • The manufacturers made these pots from thin plastic materials. Thus, they deform or warp since the pots are elongated.
  • You must use excess water before planting your initial plants.

How Do Self-Watering Planters Work?

Self-watering planters use the sub-irrigation method to water plant roots directly. Importantly, they water your plants without guesswork. 

The reservoirs at their bases also allow your herbs to soak water at their pace. Besides that, self-watering planters and sub-irrigation work because of basic botany.

Your plants will soak water via osmosis and then move it to different plant parts. The transport only happens when there’s water potential difference and capillary action. The water movement across your plants is transportation, in short.

Plant roots never soak enough water when you feed them with less water. Thus, they won’t maintain your plant’s rigidity. Also, your plant may lily droop when it’s too dry since its rigidity is low.

What to Look for in a Self-Watering Planter


Pick the largest self-watering planter available if possible. A larger one will still perform optimally when your herbs grow bigger.


All self-watering planters and pots must have proper drainage. Otherwise, the soil will waterlog.


I’d recommend knowing the planter’s watering system type and capacity. That’s because it’ll help you to know when to water your herbs.


I’d recommend a self-watering planter made from heavy-grade plastic materials. Such materials hold the soil and plant elements, preventing damage.

Water Level Indicator

Pick a self-watering planter with an easy-to-read water level indicator. The indicator should also be close to the planter’s reservoir. All that helps us know the self-watering planter needs refilling.

Oxygen circulation

You must pick a pot that’ll prevent your plant roots from drowning. The pot would only achieve that by dividing the reservoir and roots. So, if you choose an inefficient pot, your roots won’t receive adequate oxygen and water.

Size of pot

Picking self-watering planters that are too small or big causes stunted growth. This stunted growth arises because of unfavorable conditions.

Refilling frequency

Although some planters need refilling within three weeks, others go past four weeks. Most of these planters come with water indicators that display water levels. This way, it’s easy to know your planter’s low water levels.

What Are the Benefits of Self-Watering Planters?

Best Self Watering Planter Image

Efficient use of water

A self-watering planter ensures your herbs use water the right way. They do that by absorbing what they need via their roots. Thus, if you’re looking for water conservation methods, go for self-watering planters.

Consistent moisture levels

Your herbs will have consistent water levels without needing you to water them daily. Even when hot, the herbs will still have an adequate water supply. They’ll also bloom with less effort.

These self-watering planters are ideal for herbs that need frequent watering to blossom. Unfortunately, they aren’t suitable for cacti and succulent plants

Prevention of plant diseases

A self-watering planter prevents fungal infections from attacking your plants. They do so by preventing water splashes on the plant’s leaves.

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What Soil To Use In Self Watering Planters

Weight and drainage matter when picking potting soil for self-watering planters. A densely packed and highly absorbent potting soil will:

  • Increase root rot risk
  • Cause waterlogging

A soilless mixture of perlite and peat moss does well most times. But you can simplify everything by getting premade products.

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What Size Of Self Watering Planter To Choose

The plant roots’ growth must be like the wicks that connect the potting medium to the reservoir. So, placing small plants in large self-watering planters will dry them at the top. Also, the self-watering mechanism won’t perform efficiently.

Elsewhere, placing large plants into small self-watering planters will cause issues. But the problems will be less, unlike the other way around. By design, a self-watering planter’s water mechanism works better on well-sized plants.

So, larger plants in small self-watering planters won’t receive adequate water. Your plants may also need a supplementary water supply from above.

Pick a bigger planter if your plants are big and vice versa.

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How often do you need to fill a self-watering planter?

The self-watering planter’s water amount depends on the following:

  • Growth stage
  • Plant type
  • Growth conditions

Most Gardeners refill their planters at least once every week. But they do so after checking their water level indicators. So, a week is a bare minimum!

What types of plants are self-watering planters good for?

You can plant plants or herbs that love medium or a lot of water in self-watering planters. But those extra choosy or delicate plants need additional monitoring and care.

Are self-watering pots effective?

Yes. Self watering planters are extra effective. Moreover, homeowners love these planters. They do so since they offer water plants a continuous water supply with no supervision. And that offers busy homeowners a free pass to do other important stuff.

Also, self watering pots are durable and are a sustainable solution. That is, for indoor or outdoor planting.

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In our best self watering planters review, we’ve gone with Lechuza Classico. They’re UV-light resistant which makes them perfect for indoor use during summer. Also, they keep your herbs and soil most for 3-4 weeks, and their drain plugs prevent waterlogging.

Our 1st runner-up is the Sussex self-watering planter. It’s made of high-quality frost-free resin. Thus making it a perfect self-watering planter for winter. Also, its enormous size is rare to find at that price.

Our 2nd runner-up is B-Sepor. It best suits plant parents looking for cheaper but more efficient self-watering planters. And although this self-watering planter is a budget option, it can hold up moisture for weeks. They’re also eco-friendly since they promote recycling.

I hope this best self watering planters guide will make up your mind on which products suit your taste. Please, let us know what you’ve picked in the comments.

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