Glacier Pothos vs NJoy

Glacier Pothos vs NJoy Image

Glacier and NJoy Pothos are beautiful Pothos plants and are closely similar. You may find it challenging to tell the difference if you are a beginner plant parent. Furthermore, when the plants are young, the similarity is striking.  We all know both varieties belong to the same cluster group and require the same care routine. … Read more

Holes in Pothos Leaves

Image of Holes in Pothos Leaves

You’ve had your pothos plants for some time now, and suddenly, you notice holes. After all, the Pothos plants need very little attention, and developing holes was the last thing on your mind. The next question you’ll ask yourself is, how did my Pothos develop holes? What could I be doing wrong?    The problem could … Read more

Pothos Root Rot Symptoms and Solution

Pothos Root Rot Symptoms Image

Are your beloved pothos plants suffering from root rot? If so, don’t worry; you are certainly not alone in this struggle. Root rot can be causing trouble for homeowners and gardeners alike – but fortunately, the symptoms of root rot from your pothos plant can clue you on what to do next. We’ll discuss pothos … Read more

Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaf Curling (Causes & Solutions)

Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaf Curling Image

If you’re a houseplant lover, you must have encountered incidences of fiddle leaf curling. Fiddle-leaf fig plants are especially prone to curling leaves due to several reasons. And nobody loves the sight of curled-up leaves that look frail and lifeless. If your fiddle plant is showing signs of curling leaves, don’t worry. We’ll help you … Read more

Can You Plant Morning Glory in Hanging Basket?

Can You Plant Morning Glory in Hanging Basket Image Illustration

If you’re looking to introduce a vibrant splash of colour and whimsical beauty into your space, Morning glories are the perfect way to do it. But, can you plant morning glory in hanging basket? Well, this question has popped up several times in my years of helping gardeners like you. Thus, I decided to do … Read more

Bacterial Leaf Spot on Monstera Signs

Bacterial Leaf Spot on Monstera Signs Image

Have you ever encountered a devastating combination of yellow or brown spots on your monstera plant? If so, alas, you have been one of the unfortunate cases to discover that your beloved Monstera has fallen victim to a bacterial leaf spot. While this condition may seem daringly alarming and detrimental at first, don’t fret! We’re … Read more

Mosaic Virus Monstera: Signs, Treatment & Control

Mosaic Virus Monstera Image

If you’re a plant parent, chances are you’ve come across menacing images of what is known as the “Mosaic Virus Monstera.” Described as an aggressive and seemingly unstoppable killer, this malicious monster can wreak havoc on your plants if left unchecked. But don’t be too scared just yet. While it sounds like something out of … Read more

Half Moon Monstera

Half Moon Monstera Image

Do you love or adore the color pattern of the lovely Half moon monstera? I bet you do! I mean, you wouldn’t miss falling for the green-white structure of the half-moon variegated . leaves. So, if you’re a diehard fan of the rare half-moon variegations, this article suits you. But if you aren’t familiar with … Read more