Best Wood for Planter Box (Updated List)

Best Wood for Planter Box Image

What kind of wood should you use to make a planter box? Well, that depends on what you’re planting. If you have a green thumb, and are looking to cultivate your garden, then you’ll need a sturdy wood that can withstand the elements. But if you’re just looking for something to spruce up your front … Read more

Putting Rocks on Top of Potted Plants

Putting Rocks on Top of Potted Plants Image

Putting rocks on top of potted plants serves different purposes. But should these rocks be below or on top of soil particles? Well, putting rocks above potted plants’ soil has several benefits. Some of the benefits are root protection and hydration in moist soil. Further, decorative rocks boost your Garden’s aesthetic value.   So, in this … Read more

Best Pots for Cactus and Succulents

Best Pots for Cactus Image

Picking the best pots for cactus and succulents is quite tricky. That’s especially for Gardeners with little to no knowledge of these plant pots. Moreover, different cactus types need different cactus pots. But the good thing is cactus, and succulent pots are available in different materials. So, there’s a pot for everyone’s needs, including you! … Read more

Top 13 Best African Violet Planter Pots

Best African Violet Planter Pots Picture

Picking the best African violet planter pots seems straightforward. But in reality, it’s the opposite. You’ll need to consider size, material, color, and functionality. Gardeners with hands-on experience may pick the right plastic pot. But the best thing is, we’ve simplified things for such Gardeners. So, in this guide, we’ll help you pick suitable pots … Read more

DIY Light Bulb Terrarium: Steps to Make One

DIY Light Bulb Terrarium Image

Down-to-earth light bulbs have become a classic design nowadays. Furthermore, most of us see them as a bright idea to decorate our air plants with them. Also, I love that plant parents have embraced keeping their plants indoors. I say so because when these plants are indoors, they boost our home’s indoor air quality. At … Read more